What Is the Importance of Nudity in Art?

Nudity’s Changing Role in Art Nudity has been a part of art for almost as long as people have made it. The earliest depictions of nudity were frequently homages to fertility, which eventually gave way to the ancient Greeks’ expression of appreciation for the human form—usually male depictions of nude gods, heroes, athletes, and warriors—which … Read moreWhat Is the Importance of Nudity in Art?

Artwork for the Body

The phrase “decorative arts” refers to various creative disciplines dealing with the design and embellishment of products that are typically practical but do not have any inherent aesthetic characteristics. Many decorative arts (such as basket weaving, cabinet construction, porcelain, tapestry, and others) are regarded as “crafts” in general. Decorative art is often included in the … Read moreArtwork for the Body